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With Alipay, you are the center, as it tailors a platform for your everyday needs. Since 2004, Alipay has worked closely with over 200 financial partners, to provide payment services for tens of millions of small and micro enterprises. Alipay has over 400 million active unique users, by the end of June 2015. While Alipay provides online payment services, Alipay is extending its payment services to plenty offline scenarios, to cover restaurants, supermarkets, convenient stores, taxis and public transports.

Users can pay with Alipay at over 200,000 offline stores and over 500,000 taxis countrywide. Alipay is also going global that over 30 countries and regions accept the online and mobile payment with over 2,000 merchants have signed up to accept Alipay. It also supports 14 currencies. In 2013, Alipay began its tax-refund project in Korea and the convenient service has already reached Europe. In wealth management, Alipay users can now purchase financial products, including Yu’e Bao and Zhao Cai Bao and it has over 200 million users.

In July 2015, Alipay has added the “friend” tab where users can communicate with their friends. It is an open platform for enterprises, merchants, organizations and individuals where it acts as a bridge to build an ecosystem. Alipay is dedicated to provide a one-stop solution for our users, to provide services for consumption, wealth management, lifestyle and social communications — in order to bring the world small and beautiful changes.

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